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Fall Collection

  • "Abundant Blessings" Fall Wreath, Autumn Wreath, Thanksgiving Wreath

    "Abundant Blessings" Fall Door Wreath

    Beautifully handcrafted fall wreath filled with gorgeous artificial flowers, decadent fruit, berries, autumn leaves, and designer ribbon. Decorative wreath measures approx: 28 inches.      At Petal Pusher's...

  • "Autumn Beauty" Fall Mailbox Swag

    "Autumn Beauty" Fall Mailbox Swag

    Lovely Fall mailbox swag with gorgeous, vibrant fall colored silk flowers and bow. Mailbox swag measures 42" and has a convenient hook that will securely fit mailbox swag to most standard size mailboxes.  At Petal...

  • "Autumn Delight' Luxury Fall Wreath

    "Autumn Delight" Luxury Fall Wreath

    This elegantly handcrafted fall wreath is filled with gorgeous artificial autumn flowers, delightful butterflies, decadent grapes, feathers, a pumpkin, and beautiful designer ribbon. Vintage-style birdhouse in the center!...

  • "Autumn Joy" Luxury Fall Wreath

    "Autumn Joy" Luxury Fall Wreath
    $259.95 $209.95

    Decorative fall wreath filled with gorgeous artificial fall flowers, beautiful sunflowers, lush greenery, pumpkins, decadent fruit, and lovely designer ribbon! Decorative wreath measures approx: 26". This handcrafted luxury...

  • "Autumn Memories" Door Wreath

    "Autumn Memories" Door Wreath
    $109.95 $79.95

    When most people think of fall, many forget the brilliance of the Hydrangea and Peony. Fortunately, we have not, and to prove it, we’ve got  this beautiful 22 inch Hydrangea Peony Wreath. This timeless wreath is...

  • "Autumn Opulence" Fall Wreath

    "Autumn Opulence" Designer Wreath
    $225.95 $224.95

    Our "Autumn Opulence" designer fall wreath is designed using a natural grapevine base, and is filled with gorgeous, fall ferns, lush hydrangeas and various faux flowers, tan, sage, and brown vines with decadent berries, and...

  • "Beauty of Fall" Decorative Fall Wreath

    "Beauty of Fall" Decorative Fall Wreath

    Lovely fall wreath filled with lush fall greenery, gorgeous artificial fall flowers, seasonal pumpkins and gourds, and designer ribbon. This handcrafted wreath measures approx: 25 inches.    At Petal Pusher's...

  • Sunflower wreath with berries

    "Berries and Sunflowers" Fall Wreath
    $99.95 $79.00

    Celebrate the beauty of fall with this stunning wreath that combines several "autumn" favorites into one. You've got brilliantly bold sunflowers perfectly captured at the end of their bloom, faux berries that look delicious...

  • "Brilliant Morning Sun" Swag

    "Brilliant Morning Sun" Swag

    Lovely handcrafted floral swag filled with vibrant artificial flowers, beautiful sunflowers, lush greenery, delightful birds, and a beautiful birdhouse. Decorative swag measures approx: 36" inches.  At Petal...

  • "Brilliant Sunset" Decorative Wreath, Fall Wreath

    "Brilliant Sunset" Luxury Collection Fall Wreath

    Luxury handcrafted decorative wreath filled with gorgeous artificial flowers, lush greenery, and decadent grapes, pears, and, pomegranates. Beautiful birdhouse in the Center!! Decorative wreath measures approx: 26 inches...

  • Cinnamon Pepper Dried Wreath

    "Cinnamon Pepper" 20 in. Dried Fall Wreath
    $126.95 $79.95

    Celebrate the season with this vibrant harvest wreath. The fragrant savory is interwoven with fresh salal to create a wonderful backdrop for the grains, peppers, cinnamon sticks, and quince slices. The miniature looking...

  • "Exotic Harvest" Luxury Fall Wreath

    "Exotic Harvest" Fall Wreath

    Our stunningly handcrafted "Exotic Harvest" fall wreath is filled with gorgeous faux flowers, feathers, acorns, decadent pumpkins, lush greenery, and gorgeous burlap and leopard print ribbon. This autumn wreath measures...

  • "Fall Blessings" Fall Door Wreath

    "Fall Blessings" Fall Wreath

    This delightful Fall wreath was made on a grapevine wreath and has beautiful Fall colored silk flowers, yellow sunflowers, pomegranates, and wispy grasses. This wreath will look great on your front door in addition to your...

  • "Frightening Freida" Halloween Wreath--Witch Wreath

    "Frightening Freida" Designer Collection Halloween Wreath

    Stunning witch wreath filled with gorgeous artificial flowers, glittery pumpkins, whimsical Halloween decor, designer ribbon, and a delightfully spooky witch in the center! With this unique handcrafted Halloween wreath, you...

  • "Give Thanks" Fall Swag

    "Give Thanks" Fall Swag

    Beautiful fall Thanksgiving swag with artificial fall flowers, fall leaves, designer ribbon, acorns and small pumpkins. This festive fall Thanksgiving swag will look fabulous on your front door or over your mantle. Measures:...

  • "Golden Sunshine" Luxury Floral Wreath, Tuscan Wreath, Fall Wreath

    "Golden Sunshine" Designer Wreath

    Our intricately handcrafted "Golden Sunshine" designer wreath is filled with gorgeous faux flowers, realistic sunflowers, lush greenery, decadent artichokes, grapes, and olives. This extravagant floral wreath will make a...

  • "Good Morning Sunshine" Decorative Wreath

    "Good Morning Sunshine" Designer Collection Wreath

    "Good Morning Sunshine" is our most popular wreath design! Delightfully handcrafted sunflower & orange decorative floral wreath filled with beautiful artificial sunflowers, decadent oranges or pumpkins (depending on if...

  • "Harvest Season" Fall Wreath

    "Harvest Season" Fall Wreath

    This beautifully handcrafted "Harvest Season" wreath is filled with lavish, life-like flowers, including gorgeous realistic sunflowers! The pumpkin and gourds in the center of this wreath make it a perfect addition to your...

  • "Leaves of Fall" Fall Mailbox Swag

    "Leaves of Fall" Fall Mailbox Swag

    Delightful fall mailbox swag filled with beautiful artificial fall flowers, beautiful autumn leaves, acorns, pine cones, and lovely designer ribbon. This fall mailbox swag is made on a 42" pine and evergreen swag, and has a...

  • "Moroccan Sunrise" Sunflower Wreath

    "Moroccan Sunrise" Decorative Door Wreath (All Occasion Wreath)
    $169.95 $127.47

    Elegantly handcrafted floral wreath filled with lush greenery,  vibrant sunflowers, beautiful artificial roses, and designer Moroccan inspired ribbon. This gorgeous wreath measures approx: 24 inches.   **Our...

  • "Natural Beauty" Decorative Wreath

    "Natural Beauty" Decorative Wreath
    $169.95 $119.95

    Elegantly handcrafted floral wreath filled with lush greenery, beautiful artificial roses, and designer ribbon. This gorgeous wreath measures approx: 24". This wreath typically ships in 2 weeks.   Our luxury wreaths...

  • "Rustic Pumpkins" Fall Pumpkin Wreath

    "Rustic Pumpkins" Fall Pumpkin Wreath
    $129.95 $99.95

    Want something a little different this holiday season? Look no further than this incredible 28” Autumn Pumpkin Wreath. With its “brushed gold” look accenting the dark rich colors of the (faux) leaves and...

  • "Secret Garden" Decorative Wreath--Fall Wreath

    "Secret Garden" Decorative Wreath

    Beautifully handcrafted decorative wreath filled with gorgeous artificial flowers, decadent grapes, lotus pods, artichokes, and deluxe designer ribbon. Perfect for use as an indoor wreath, or as a charming front door wreath...

  • "Shades of Autumn" Fall Wreath

    "Shades of Autumn" Fall Wreath

    Luxury, handcrafted fall wreath overflowing with artificial flowers in brilliant shades of autumn colors. This decorative fall wreath has stunning sunflowers, lotus pods, and lovely butterflies. Perfect for use as a front...

  • "Simply Sunflowers" Door Swag

    "Simply Sunflowers" Door Swag

    A simple, yet elegant look for late summer and fall decorating, this sunflower and berry teardrop is one of the more inticing pieces you can display. With beautiful sunflowers forever captured in late bloom,...

  • "Splendid Sunshine" Door Wreath, Summer Wreath, Fall Wreath

    "Splendid Sunshine" Decorative Door Wreath

    Lavish handcrafted floral wreath with gorgeous yellow sunflowers, berries, butterflies, beautiful artificial flowers, and decadent green apples. This decorative floral wreath is perfect for use as a front door wreath or as...

  • "Sunflower Garden" Luxury Fall Wreath

    "Sunflower Garden Luxury Fall Wreath

    This elegant Fall wreath is reminiscent of the perfect Autumn day!! This lovely wreath shows off artificial flowers in beautiful Fall colors, sunflowers, lovely pumpkins, and designer wired ribbon. This gorgeous Fall wreath...

  • "Sunrise & Blossoms" Decorative Door Wreath

    "Sunrise & Blossoms" Decorative Door Wreath

    Beautifully handcrafted floral wreath filled with gorgeous artificial flowers, vibrant sunflowers, lush greenery, designer ribbon, and dried honeysuckle vine. Decorative wreath measures approx: 25". **This item is...

  • "Sunshine Delight" Door Wreath, Summer Wreath, Fall Wreath

    "Sunshine Delight" Decorative Wreath

    Lovely decorative floral wreath filled with vibrant artificial flowers, beautiful greenery, and designer ribbon! This decorative floral wreath is sure to brighten your front door or any room of your home! Decorative wreath...

  • "Tuscan Sunshine" Designer Tuscan Door Wreath---Fall Wreath, Wreath for all Seasons

    "Tuscan Sunshine" Designer Tuscan Wreath

    Gorgeous decorative floral wreath filled with vibrant sunflowers, silk roses, decadent grapes, faux artichokes, pears, lush greenery, and beautiful designer ribbon! Wreath measures approx: 28". This wreath will work...

  • "Wild & Woodsy" Fall Door Wreath

    "Wild & Woodsy" Modern Fall Wreath

    Our "Wild and Woodsy" wreath is handcrafted using gorgeous faux leaves and greenery, and has little rustic poly-resin squirrels in it. This wreath is perfect for use as a front door wreath and is wonderful for someone...

  • "Wine and Gold" Luxury Fall Wreath

    "Wine and Gold" Luxury Wreath

    Our "Wine and Gold" decorative door wreath is filled with gorgeous shades of wine and gold artifiicial flowers, decaent fruit, and designer ribbon. This wreath is perfect for fall or any time of the year!   At Petal...

  • "Winter Bliss" Winter Wreath (Holiday Wreath)

    "Winter Bliss" Designer Wreath

    Glam up your door this winter season with a beautifully designed winter wreath by Petal Pusher's Wreaths & Designs. This decadent wreath is full of gorgeous artificial flowers, fruit and berries, designer wired ribbon,...

  • Fall Ocean Wreath

    "Winter Ocean" Decorative Wreath
    $99.95 $59.00

    Filled with seashells, dried accents, and beach themed embellishments, this unique design is perfect for the ocean lover and will make a fabulous addition to your home during the fall and winter months! This wreath is proof...

  • Autumn Hydrangea Wreath--24"

    Autumn Hydrangea Wreath--24"
    $99.95 $79.95

    This elegant autumn Hydrangea Wreath will add fall flair to your front door!  The full, lush hydrangea blooms are captured at peak fall color, and sit atop a bed of green leaves. This wreath makes a fabulous...

  • Elegant Peony and Hydrangea Wreath

    Elegant Peony and Hydrangea Wreath

    Here’s a striking wreath that both a bold statement in color, but also subtle in its effect. The Peony flowers circle round’ with buds, berries, and greens, giving a texture and hue that definitely draws the...

  • fall wreath for door

    Fall Seashell Wreath
    $69.95 $49.95

    This beautiful seaside inspired wreath is filled with ocean themed accents and embellishments and can be enjoyed year round! Wreath measures approx: 22 inches (measured tip to tip) This decorative wreath typically ships in...

  • Lovely Sunflower Wall Basket

    Lovely Sunflower Wall Basket (Swag)

    Delightful wall basket with beautiful yellow sunflowers, decadent red apples, and gorgeous red and white designer ribbon. This charming wall basket will be beautiful on a front door, or as an addition to your interior decor!...

  • Modern Berry and Feather Wreath

    Modern Berry and Feather Wreath

    Show off your unique flair with this striking Berry and feather creation. An eclectic twist from a traditional style wreath, this circular masterpiece is sure to grab the attention of all who enter your home...


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