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Spring Wreaths


  • "Beautiful Hydrangeas" Hydrangea Door Wreath

    "Beautiful Hydrangaes" Decorative Hydrangea Wreath

    Brighten up your home with this charming  multihued hydrangea wreath. A lovely mix of vibrant buds and blooms make this decorative door wreath a summer sensation. Soft colored pom-pom style...

  • "Black and White" Monogram Wreath

    "Black and White" Monogram Wreath (Hydrangea Wreath)

    Our "Black & White" Monogrammed Wreath is simple, yet elegant, and is perfect for spring, summer to or add that special touch to your wedding decor! Measures approx. 16" and ships in 7-10 business days. This wreath makes...

  • "Bountiful Earth" Succulent & Boxwood Door Wreath

    "Bountiful Earth" Succulent Wreath

    Lovely handcrafted filled with beautiful boxwood, faux succulents, bamboo, and other lush greenery and grasses. This is a wonderful wreath to use year round. Wreath measures approx: 22". **This item is handcrafted,...

  • "Brilliant Morning Sun" Swag

    "Brilliant Morning Sun" Swag

    Lovely handcrafted floral swag filled with vibrant artificial flowers, beautiful sunflowers, lush greenery, delightful birds, and a beautiful birdhouse. Decorative swag measures approx: 36" inches.  At Petal...

  • "Decadent Hydrangeas" Hydrangea Door Wreath

    "Decadent Hydrangeas" Hydrangea Door Wreath

     This beautifully handcrafted hydrangea wreath is full of realistic looking, artificial sage, cream and rose hydrangeas, and a delightful bow for hanging! This hydrangea wreath measures approx. 18" Please allow...

  • "Desert Dawn" Decorative Door Wreath, Elegant Boxwood Wreath

    "Desert Dawn" Artificial Boxwood Wreath
    $159.95 $116.97

    Elegantly handcrafted floral wreath filled with lush greenery, beautiful artificial roses, and designer ribbon. This gorgeous wreath measures approx: 24".Our luxury wreaths are handcrafted and made-to-order, and can be...

  • Boxwood Wreath

    "Elegant Boxwood" Faux Boxwood Wreath

    Adorn your door with an elegantly handcrafted boxwood wreath that is sure to add a touch of natural beauty to your home. This gorgeous wreath is made with faux boxwood and a lovely linen burlap style bow. Wreath measures...

  • "Good Morning Sunshine" Decorative Wreath

    "Good Morning Sunshine" Designer Collection Wreath

    "Good Morning Sunshine" is our most popular wreath design! Delightfully handcrafted sunflower & orange decorative floral wreath filled with beautiful artificial sunflowers, decadent oranges or pumpkins (depending on if...

  • "Linen and Pink" Spring Wreath

    "Linen and Pink" Door Wreath

    Our "Linen & Pink" Wreath is made using yards and yards of beautiful, linen burlap mix, wired ribbon, and two deep pink hydrangeas all on a grapevine wreath. We have added one of our signature crystals to the bottom bow...

  • "Lovely Meadow" Spring Door Wreath

    "Lovely Meadow" Decorative Wreath

    Beautifully handcrafted decorative floral wreath filled with lavish greenery, gorgeous artificial flowers, butterflies, birds, and delightful designer ribbon. This lovely wreath has a charming birdhouse in the center!!...

  • "Modern Roses" Door Wreath

    "Modern Roses" Decorative Door Wreath

    Our "Modern Roses" door wreath is elegantly handcrafted with gorgeous artificialred roses, boxwood greenery, and black and white checked designer ribbon. This unique wreath is full of modern charm, and will make a fabulous...

  • "Sounthwest Flair" Burlap Wreath

    "Southwest Flare" Burlap Wreath

    Our "South West Flare" wreath is designed on a grapevine wreath and includes yards and yards of beautiful, South Western inspired Burlap wired ribbon, and deep red hydrangeas. On the bottom bow we have included one of our...

  • Designer Succulent and Boxwood Door Wreath

    "Splendid Succulents" Succulent Wreath

    Lovely handcrafted decorative wreath with gorgeous faux succulents, lovely artificial flowers, and lavish greenery. Approx: 22 inches. *This item is handcrafted, made-to-order and usually ships within 2 weeks. At Petal...

  • "Spring Splendor" Dried Flower Wreath Herb Wreath

    "Spring Splendor" Dried Herb Wreath

    This gorgeous natural spring wreath is crafted using lovely tansy, bay, monarda, sage, marjoram, thyme, misty, and larkspur. This wreath measures approx: 16", and is sure to freshen up any room. *Our entire collection of...

  • "Sunrise & Blossoms" Decorative Door Wreath

    "Sunrise & Blossoms" Decorative Door Wreath

    Beautifully handcrafted floral wreath filled with gorgeous artificial flowers, vibrant sunflowers, lush greenery, designer ribbon, and dried honeysuckle vine. Decorative wreath measures approx: 25". **This item is...

  • Faux Pip Berry Wreath (Cream, Burgundy, Blue)

    Faux Pip Berry Wreath (Cream, Burgundy, Blue)

    This beautifully handcrafted pip berry wreath is full of burgundy, cream, blue and mustard pip berries, all finished with a beautiful burlap bow! This wreath is designed and handcrafted on a 14 inch grapevine wreath base...

  • Mauve Pip Berry Spring Wreath

    Mauve Pip Berry Wreath

    Rustic pip berry wreath handcrafted with delicate mauve pip berries. Wreath is designed on a 14 inch grapevine base. Production time for this wreath is approx: 2 weeks...

  • Purple and Black Monogram Wreath

    Purple and Black Monogram Wreath

    Our dazzling monogram Hydrangea Wreath is adorned with unique, glittered purple hydrangeas, a glittered black ribbon Bow, and a wooden monogram letter. This Wreath is designed on an exposed grapevine base and measures...

  • Rustic Star Wreath

    Rustic Pip Berry Star Wreath

    Our Rustic Pip Berry Star Wreath is perfect for your Americana decor, primitive decor, or just a year round wreath. Black and Mustard pip berries and rusty stars are arranged to create a "Star" in the center of the wreath...

  • starburst wreath

    Starburst Pip Berry Wreath

    This starburst pip berry wreath will add the perfect touch of rustic charm to your home! Adorned with a delightful burlap bow and cream pip berrys, this wreath measures approx: 14 inches, and is great to use all year...


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