Tips for Choosing the PERFECT Wreath for Gifting!

Tips for Choosing the PERFECT Wreath for Gifting!

Posted by Amanda Cleckler on 9th Nov 2015

Tips for Choosing the PERFECT Wreath for Gifting!

There is no doubt about it that wreaths can add a sense of style and elegance to every home. Our vibrant floral arrangements are intricately designed to provide aesthetics and balance. Sizes are chosen depending on where the wreath is to be displayed inside or outside of the home. Our wreaths can be customized based on your personal taste. If you don't see exactly the design you are looking for, we will gladly create something personalized just for you or your gift recipient.

We understand that choosing a wreath for your own enjoyment, or to give as a gift can sometimes get a little tricky, so we have compiled a list of factors that should be considered when choosing the perfect design that conforms to the overall theme for your home, or the person that you are shopping for.

Christmas wreaths used to be quite simple to choose from, as in the past they typically came in more traditional and familiar designs, however, now holiday themes come in an array of colors and styles. You may want to check with the person you are shopping for to see what colors or theme they are planning on using for their Christmas decorating. It may also be a good idea to give them their wreath before the holidays so that they have plenty of time to enjoy it, but the fabulous thing about artificial wreaths is that they can be enjoyed year after year!

Wreath gifting is not limited to the holidays alone. Both outdoor and indoor wreaths can freely be given all year around. Our wreath designers have comp up with an array of decorative wreaths and arrangements that celebrate every occasion, season, and holiday. Our wreaths make wonderful house-warming gifts, congratulatory gifts, and are an excellent way to show love and appreciation to those you care about. 

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When choosing a wreath for a gift, I encourage you to consider the following:

Fresh or artificial? This is an inevitable question that should be answered before you even think about gifting a wreath. A fresh wreath may give the idea of sincerity and freshness, but for how long? Artificial wreaths today are so close to fresh ones visually, plus they can be enjoyed so much longer and can better represent the idea of longevity. They are also safer to give as gifts, especially if you do not know if the person you are shopping for may have a flower allergy.

Purpose. Our wreath designers are happy to give you suggestions as to which wreath arrangement is the best fit for the occasion. You can give our decorative wreaths to celebrate any big event in ones life. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, job promotions, weddings and engagements are just a few. They can also be given during special holidays such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.

Recipient. Does the person you are giving the wreath to have any floral preferences that you know of? Try to incorporate as much of the recipient's personal taste, needs, and desires as your own sentiments into the wreath design. No matter what you wreath you choose, if you do it with thoughtfulness, I am sure your recipient will LOVE it. If not, they always have the option to exchange it for something that better suits them. :)

And, of course, we always offer gift certificates if you don't feel up to picking out the perfect wreath yourself!